Which Garage Style Is Right For You?

Important Factors To Consider When Building A Detached Garage

So you have decided to build a detached garage. You have weighed the pros and cons and now it is time for the fun part, designing your garage! Before the construction process can begin, working with your garage building contractor to determine the size and style is one of the most important decisions in the building process. 

While in the designing phases of the construction of your new detached garage, every detail matters. From the colors selected to the roof style, the goal is ultimately to design a structure that compliments the architecture of the home. Just as the curb appeal of the main structure is important to the value of the home, any additional structures should be taken into consideration.

When it is time for the design consultation, it is important to know if the municipality or HOA has set limitations or regulations on the aesthetics of an accessory structure. Historic homes, for example, may be subject to special variances that must be upheld and followed. When working with a team of professional garage builders such as Heartland, we can help you navigate the restrictions and permits necessary in order to avoid conflicts or fines.

Your Garage Design & Style Checklist

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  • Choose a look that matches the aesthetics of the home. Much like an attached structure would match the home it is adjacent to, detached garages should do the same. Options today that can architecturally match such copper gutters, doors with windows, color of the siding, and light fixtures, create a cohesive look to the property.


  • Choose a structure that works well with your property. Garages are often not regulated to one overhead door. Consider the various purposes for which the structure is being built. Adding an unconventional overhead door on the side of the structure allows for access to the garage away from the driveway and cars. Those with alley garages, this allows for access to the items stored without having the garage open to the alleyway.


  • Consider the addition of a breezeway or patio. While the concept of a detached garage does not allow for a direct connection to the home, there are options to consider if it is within proximity to the home. A patio provides additional entertainment space, as garages are extremely versatile, while the breezeway provides coverage from weather conditions to and from the house.


  • Determine what size maximizes the property space allotted. Prior to determining the final size of the structure, it is crucial to educate yourself on the zoning regulations for your property. While a two-car garage may be desired, the property may not allow for it based on the current impervious surface coverage and what that structure would add. However, if that is not an issue, plan on building a structure that meets all your needs and maximizing your options.


  • Take into consideration the longevity of the structure and how much additional storage space or additional living space will be needed. Garages house more than just cars these days. Bikes, snow blowers, athletic equipment, and hobbies can clutter up a garage quickly leaving minimal space for a car; therefore, it is important to plan for any and all additional space needed to meet those needs.


Now that you have your checklist of design elements ready to go, all you need is a garage-building company to get the process rolling. The team at Heartland Garge builders is ready to take on your project! We understand that each garage is unique and we are fully equipped to customize each structure for each of our client’s individual needs. For more information, or to learn more about “The Heartland Way,” contact Heartland Garage Builders at HeartlandGarageBuilders.com or 224-326-2698.