Detached Garage Builders in Glenview, IL

The perfect garage for your Glenview, IL home is just a call away when you trust the expert garage builders at Heartland Garage Builders. Whether you’re looking for a structure to keep your vehicles safe from severe weather, or need a place to entertain or work on DIY projects, our team can make it happen!

Simply give us a call or fill out our online form and we’ll get you set up with an appointment. We’ll discuss your needs, design ideas, and budget, then come up with the perfect solution! Our team is with you through every phase of the build, and will even secure the necessary permits! Every garage comes backed by a 2-year warranty. Call us today to get started.

We Have the Perfect Option for You

No matter what you need from your garage, Heartland Garage Builders has the perfect option for you. There are many different design options available, and every option is fully customizable to suit your needs and budget. We even have a number of add-on options, including loft and “man cave” options. Our base layout options include:

Choose the space that’s right for you and call Heartland Garage Builders. We’ll turn your garage dreams into a reality! Why wait? Call Heartland Garage Builders today!

Why Choose Heartland Garage Builders?

At Heartland Garage Builders, our service goes above and beyond. We aren’t just here to build a garage and leave. Our team is with you through the entire process. We’ll obtain all of the necessary permits. Our team handles the demolition of your current structure, and we’ll even handle all of the electrical installation, if necessary. Our team is with you from start to finish!

The typical time-frame is six to eight weeks from the time you sign the contract. Timing may vary depending on how long it takes to get your permits. Call us now to get started on your new garage.

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