Project Development For Chicago Garage Builds

project developer assisting with obtaining garage building permits

Once you’ve signed up to be an HGB client, our goal is to make the entire process move as smoothly as possible. With decades of combined experience in the Project Development and construction realms, your HGB Team is well-versed to ensure that the garage project you’ve committed to will be advanced into the field as quickly as the external permit factors allow.

Once the contractual documents are signed and product selections completed, the permit process can begin. A critical step as part of this process is an accurate, and recent, plat of survey. This document is required in the suburbs as part of a complete permit submission and along with detailed drawings of the type of garage you’ve selected, forms the set of documents that will be used during the construction process. 

As part of the plan development process there is often coordination required with a surveyor, sometimes an architect, who can be required to review and stamp the plans, and more recently the development of engineering plans to show how the new garage will impact the drainage conditions on you and your neighbor’s property. All these items will be efficiently and effectively dealt with by your HGB Team. 

Obtaining Garage Building Permits In Chicago & The Surrounding Areas

The timing for permit issuance varies from municipality to municipality. This typically ranges from around 2 to 4 weeks from the date of submission. Each municipality has different requirements for applications and plans, as well as the requirements for licensing the contractors that will be working on your project. The HGB Team will account for all these steps as part of its operation and has the knowledge to streamline the plan development and permit challenges.

With the permit in our hands and your existing garage cleared of any existing items, the construction process can begin!

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