The Garage Building Construction Process

Once HGB has the permit in hand for your garage project and all your belongings are removed from your existing garage (if demo of an existing garage is necessary), our garage builders can start the construction process.

Before construction, your HGB consultant will notify you of the potential start date and include a rough schedule so you know how the construction process should progress each week. You will have weekly contact from your HGB garage builder consultant indicating what has happened during the past week and what is proposed for the following week, as well as answering any questions you may have at that time.

Getting Your New Garage Started

The first step is the removal of an existing garage (if there is one) that needs to be demolished and removed from the property. This is done quickly and efficiently with small machinery. The debris is hauled away by the demolition contractor so that the concrete contractor has a clean site to work with.

The next step for our garage builders is to get the concrete foundation prepared, inspected, and poured. This process creates the interior slab of the garage, while the apron and stoop (outside the service door) will also be poured. Before the carpentry can begin, the concrete needs to cure for 2-3 weeks depending on the Chicagoland weather, temperature, and humidity.

While this may seem unnecessary, HGB feels that the curing process for the concrete is vital to having a garage that lasts for decades to come. Most of the garages we tear down are due to concrete issues including settling, severe cracking, or spalling of the concrete.

Constructing the Garage 

Once the concrete has had proper time to cure, the carpentry portion of the garage build can start. The wood frame of the garage goes up very quickly and you can see the size and shape of the garage take form. HGB takes pride in organizing an efficient construction process and perhaps the best example of that is how quickly the garage is built. Once the garage walls and roof are built, then the shingles, windows, doors, siding, and exterior trim are then installed. Following this construction, the electrician is scheduled to complete their installation, and then finally we can finish with the epoxy floor coating. 

Why Our Garage Builders Are Different 

Once the final inspections are passed you will receive the keys and garage door openers from HGB at which point you can move right into the garage and enjoy it for years to come! However, your relationship with HGB does not end there. We offer a warranty that you won’t find anywhere else. Our warranties cover labor and material on your HGB garage.

Contact Us Today For More Information! 

Still have questions or concerns about the garage building process for your Midwest home? Contact us today! Whether you are concerned about the size of your one or two-car garage build or potential problems that might pop up on the job, our contractors are here to help you in the decision-making process.  

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