A new detached garage comes with the opportunity to organize and customize your new space! Serving as a multipurpose structure, this area can be used to store workshop materials, sporting equipment, lawn care products, and of course, your cars.

Cabinets, shelves, ceiling shelving, racks, and tool benches are just a few suggestions to help organize your newly designed space to best meet your needs.


Available in wood, metal, and plastic, cabinets can be either a permanent fixture or freestanding within the garage. Extremely versatile, cabinets can be hung, providing more floor space if necessary.

Having the option to close the doors also provides a cleaner, more organized appearance for those using their garage as a space for additional living or entertainment.

When determining the material to build with, it is important to take into consideration the elements your garage will be exposed to. Investing in wood cabinets is wise if the structure is temperature controlled, however, if not, plastic or metal would be a wiser investment.


Mounted or freestanding, shelving provides the opportunity to design your storage area based on the space provided and specific objects being contained.

Also available in plastic, metal, and wood, shelves have the potential to be added into the garage with ease as your storage needs grow. Based on items being stored, heavier shelving may be necessary, as opposed to plastic, lighter-weight units.

Depending on the use and purpose of your new space, shelves do not have doors and allow your items are on display for all to see.

Ceiling Shelving

When floor space is limited, consider looking up!

After measuring the available space, finding shelves that mount to the ceiling could provide much needed storage for those items seldom used. Space and weight must both be taken into consideration to safely install this type of shelving. (Make sure you hit that framing with the fasteners!)

Keep in mind the lack of accessibility you may have the items being stored above, therefore a ladder may need to be added to the garage and considered with the other storage items.


Racks come in all shapes and sizes, providing specific storage options for many miscellaneous items.

Most often mounted to the wall, these options become helpful when storing yard tools, bikes, outdoor hobby gear, cleaning supplies, and sporting equipment.

While we often consider racks for hanging items, it is important to note that they can also be utilized for larger, more awkward items such as kayaks and sleds.

Tool Bench

Often new garages are designed with a purpose such as a workstation or additional hobby space. Having an accessible, accommodating, and designated spot in you garage to hold and organize tools can be very helpful when designing storage in your new space.

Much like the cabinets and shelves, this space can be mounted to the wall with a counter or table space option, or on wheels for mobility.

Determining what surfaces would best fit the space and accommodate your tools during the design phase allows you to ensure the garage is built to meet your specific needs. For example, ventilation and additional electricity to charge tools may be needed.

As you begin to assess your organizational needs, keep in mind that you are not limited to one option! Create your new space to accommodate your belongings while keeping them safe and accessible.

As detached garages serve a multitude of purposes, do not limit yourself to four walls and a roof. For a FREE consultation and estimate with a garage builder who will design a structure to best meet your needs, contact Heartland Garage Builders at HeartlandGarageBuilders.com or 224-326-2698.