Detached garages are extremely versatile, used for several purposes such as storage, protecting your cars from the elements, and for hobbies/workspaces. Living in the Chicagoland area, weather makes it difficult to use your investment year-round for anything more than parking cars.

To comfortably utilize this space year-round, a heating and air conditioning system would be wise to consider adding to your structure. Installation during the construction process decreases the cost of adding these options later down the road when the structure is complete.

Heating And Cooling Options

Portable Space Heaters – Portable space heaters come in various shapes and sizes and have become more energy efficient over the years. These units allow for you to heat specific areas of your garage, rather than the entire structure if not necessary.

When finalizing the design of your structure, it is important to consider adding an electrical outlet specifically for your heater. If you are opting for a gas heater, proper ventilation needs to be installed where the unit is located.

Safety is always important when relying on a space heater for warmth. Ensure that it is turned off properly and when not in use and has enough space, not crowded by items or debris where it is located.

Radiant Flooring – A radiant flooring system installed within the floor allows the heat to rise, warming the garage from the ground up. This system requires little energy and is relatively quiet. While costly upfront, this is the most efficient source of heat in the long-term life of the garage.

Fiberglass Insulation – Typically the less expensive option, fiberglass insulation is a product that can be installed on both the walls and ceiling of your structure.  If you are thinking of adding heating/cooling, insulation is a must-have to maximize your investment!

Mini-Split HVAC – Allowing for you to heat and cool individual spaces such as a detached garage, a mini-split HVAC system may be an option to consider. This unit allows you to control the temperature within the space while using it.

Much like an AC unit used for the home, the mini-split system is going to require regular maintenance, such as monthly filter changes and coolant checks to avoid shortening the life of the unit.

Depending on the purpose of your new detached garage, these options should be discussed with your builder to ensure that you have the outlets, ventilation, and space necessary to meet these needs. For a free consultation and estimate, contact Heartland Garage Builders at or 224-326-2698.