Building a new detached garage is an investment and taking the “extra” step/cost now, can save you money down the line. Lighting falls into this category and the type of fixture/bulb you choose can make a difference.

That may sound like an exaggeration, as there are several construction decisions to be made that seem far more important but choosing LED bulbs and fixtures for your lighting can provide a more long-term cost-efficient option.

Most of us are familiar with the standard incandescent lightbulbs that are made of glass that use a burning section of filament to emit light. These are not the most efficient, and therefore the most costly, due to the amount of energy needed to produce the light.

Another popular energy efficient option today is the compact fluorescent lightbulbs, also known as CFLs, these are the bulbs shaped like spirals. These can be hazardous due to the mercury used in the manufacturing process and proper caution should be taken in the event of a bulb breaking.

LED lights, however, are very energy-efficient and still maintain the aesthetics of an incandescent lightbulb.

What Is LED Lighting?

LED stands for light emitting diode and can produce light 90% more efficient than the standard filament-based lightbulb. These tiny semiconductors, or diodes; a device with two terminals that only allow the flow of current in one direction, are wrapped in plastic to protect the elements and focus the light.

While they can look like incandescent lighting, they do not require wire filaments or glass like the other does.  Additionally, the small package of the actual light production can provide many options for how the lighting is utilized and hidden.

Highly energy efficient, quality LEDs are both durable and last longer, eliminating the need to change them on a regular basis.

Benefits To LED Lighting

Less Hazardous – It is important to not have broken glass on the floor of a garage where tires can be easily harmed. More durable than your standard glass lightbulb, they are made from double epoxy lenses they take great effort to shatter.

Less Heat – Cooler to the touch, these bulbs give off less heat than solid-state lighting solutions because they use a semiconductor to convert electricity into light and do not require glass like your standard bulb.

Easy To Replace – As these bulbs are becoming more popular, their convenience is as well. Just as available as incandescent lightbulbs, they will often work with your current fixtures and can be found in the wattage like your current bulbs, however they use a significantly less energy than the others.

Recyclable – Unlike CFLs, LEDs do not contain mercury, making them less hazardous if they break and able to be recycled. CFLs require a special recycling location due to their chemical makeup.

Aesthetically Pleasing – LEDs provide a softer brightness to the overall space and quickly without using the amount of heat and energy necessary of an incandescent bulb. Regardless of how many times they are turned on and off, they will not lose their brightness, unlike incandescent bulbs.

Can Handle Temperature – Created to withstand temperature, they are a great fit for spaces that are not heated or cooled throughout the year, such as a garage.

The Heartland Way

Every Heartland garage that is built includes LED light fixtures for the interior and exterior lights, as well as one interior light and GBI outlet for each vehicle bay. The electric is installed “drywall ready,” meaning it is recessed and ready for the interior of your garage to be finished in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about a Heartland garage and “The Heartland Way,” contact us at or 224-326-2698 for a FREE consultation and estimate.