The more versatile a detached garage becomes; the more ideas homeowners can explore to create the most ideal space for their property.

With the construction of a new detached garage in motion thinking outside of the garage during the design phase helps to maximize the projects potential.

While extremely useful as a means for storage and additional workspace, the exterior of the structure can be utilized for additional entertainment; use of a space you may not have considered initially.

Creating a more livable space can be quite appealing and beneficial, especially if the addition of a patio to the home is not an option.

Additional Entertainment Space

With the amount of time homeowners are spending in their garages today the addition of a patio allows this space to be extended for a variety of purposes. Without compromising the interior design of the structure, a covered space is created to provide protection from the elements as well as an aesthetically pleasing space for gathering.

Patios are for entertaining; garages are traditionally utilized for storage and workspace. Separating those areas creates more flexibility and opportunity to maximize the space being created. Installing a door to connect these spaces invites guests to stay, relax, and hang out.

Resale Value

Curb appeal is always a large factor when determining a home’s resale value. While the addition of a new detached garage is helpful, building an exterior space for entertaining can also increase that curb appeal, creating a unique space that stands out from other homes.

Extremely Versatile

Depending on the space allotted, a patio can be added to just about any side of the structure.

Given that space is available, beside the garage with a side service door is an option. This placement may require more time and money to level the ground but keeps the entrance of the garage free for cars to enter and exit without hinderance.

While you may not be able to see the patio from the street, installing this space behind the garage provides more privacy and can potentially blend with the aesthetics of the home’s backyard.

A bit unconventional, the addition of a patio creates an opportunity to maximize your investment. Both functionally and aesthetically pleasing, this space dresses up what is typically an underutilized space.

Having a professional design and install your patio avoids the frustration of dealing with necessary permits and inspections. Safety and proper installation are important and protect the integrity of the structure for years to come.

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