There are a number of considerations when thinking about either replacing your old garage or simply building a new structure when none exists. The type of roof–or roof design–will determine the overall look of the property, as will the eventual pitch of the roof – which in itself can really adjust the appearance of the garage. Garages come in essentially 3 different styles:

hip roof garage


A hip roof is a type of roof where all sides slope downwards to the walls from the highest point on the roof.

garage with a gable roof


A gable roof is the classic, most commonly occurring roof shape in those parts of the world with cold or temperate climates. It consists of two roof sections sloping in opposite directions and placed such that the highest, horizontal edges meet to form the roof ridge.


Reverse gable roofs are roof sections that extend in the opposite direction from the normal gable construction.

Roof type often matches residence

Typically, owners like to replace their current garage with a structure that matches the roof type of the residence as a way of creating architectural continuity on the lot and adding to the value of the property.

Alternatively, some homeowners like to change the roof style to get more storage, minimize the visual impact of the garage in the yard or to reflect the roof of a future planned renovation. Either way, the choice is a personal one.

Gable or Reverse Gable can provide storage options

If your home lacks basic storage, you could consider going with either a Gable or Reverse Gable roof which allows for items to be stored above the garage’s ceiling structure by giving you additional storage area: combine this with a more steeply pitched roof (and a set of pull-down stairs) and you can really get some practical space above your vehicles.

A Hip roof garage has less siding under the roof since the walls don’t extend up past the top plate and is often considered a more sound structural building. Since the roof is sloped on all four sides then there is less storage capacity with this design but deciding on this option certainly this can make sense if your existing home already has this roof type.

A roof with a 6, 7 or 8/12 pitch will certainly provide more storage ability than what a standard 4/12 pitch does and should certainly be considered if you’re feeling constrained!

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