It is impossible to walk through any big-box home improvement store without noticing their assembly line of pre-assembled garage models for purchase.

At first glance, these models may appear to be convenient and eye catching, however the actual build of the structure can be misleading.

An investment in a new garage is one that should not be taken lightly, there are many factors to consider when determining which option would work best for your property and budget.

Some of the differences between these two options can become quite costly to a homeowner unfamiliar with construction and municipality regulations.

What Is A Garage Kit?

A garage kit is a non-customized, all-in-one, pre-designed product. The package typically includes generic design plans as well as the basic materials needed to complete the build. It is important to note, that the packages do not include tools or labor.

What Is Involved In The Construction Of A Kit?

While the initial project appears convenient, most do not notice initially that the plans provided are often generic and will need further completion to properly be installed.

Additionally, every municipality has their own set of zoning and building requirements that must be followed when adding a structure to a property. One of those requirements is often an official site plan.

A site plan indicates where the structure is intended to be built as well as specifics of the building itself. Often, these site plans are not included within the garage kit, therefore additional time and money will need to be spent on an architect to provide an official site plan.

By purchasing a garage kit, the homeowner is also committing to preparing and installing a sound foundation for the garage to be built upon. Most kits come with generic directions, not taking the specific features of a property into account.

For example, if the property is within a flood zone, additional steps would need to be taken to ensure that the garage foundation would remain stable, without creating a water shed problem in the neighbor’s yard.

What Is A Custom Garage?

A custom-built garage is one that is designed specifically to the owners needs or requests. Labor and materials are included in the final cost of that project as the builder organizes the construction process through to completion. This includes the organization of scheduling subcontractors such as electricians, carpenters, a concrete crew, etc.

What Is Involved In The Construction Of A Custom Garage?

While the process of finding a builder that can complete your vision might be daunting, it does provide the opportunity to have a voice in the overall construction, location, and design of the structure.

There is no, “one-size-fits-most-yards” garage when designing your own custom project with a builder.

Hiring a professional garage builder provides the peace of mind in knowing that the structure will be constructed soundly, permitted, and designed to meet your needs and vision.

An actual garage builder will be responsible for organizing and scheduling the various trades necessary to complete the project while overseeing the process. They will keep the homeowner informed of the different stages of construction, from the pouring of the foundation to the final structural and electrical inspections.

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