There are many considerations to consider when deciding to build a new structure on your property. While your builder is working with your municipality on permits and potential zoning variations, it is encouraged that you inform your neighbors that construction will be taking place on your property.

While your neighbors have no bearing on the decisions or designs of the new structure, it is important to consider that the construction may affect them during the various phases.

While you can write a letter or speak with them directly, either way, the common curtesy can go a long way in efforts to avoid conflict.

What To Inform Your Neighbors About

There will be noise. Between the demolition of the structure and the pounding of nails as the frame is assembled or installation of the roofing shingles, the construction process can be noisy at times.

Most municipalities have time windows when construction is allowed, those times should be communicated on the permit that will be posted in your window.

There will be increased traffic and large trucks on the street for a few days. These trucks will need access to the project and may need to park on the street while they complete the work for which they have been hired or deliver the lumber load needed for the construction.

Concrete trucks are not small and may take up additional space as they prepare to pour the foundation. If the structure is located in an alley or in tight quarters, it is helpful to inform your neighbors in the event that their garage or driveway may be temporarily blocked.

Parking may be displaced on the road temporarily for all the constructure crew to access the structure. If necessary, parking permits may be required for increased street parking permission.

Reassure them that you are following all municipality guidelines and zoning regulations. Depending on the municipality, letters may be sent by the village to inform neighbors of any variations taking place. It may also be required that a construction sign be posted in the yard for the neighborhood to see.

Regardless, all municipalities require that the permit be posted in the front of the home, preferably on the front door or window, to ensure that the work being completed is permitted and approved.

As the homeowner, it is crucial that you ensure that your builder has applied for all necessary permits and has submitted all plans necessary to do so. This may require obtaining a new plat of survey to confirm property lines.

Most neighbors are concerned about the potential change in the yard drainage and trees that may be affected by the construction. Any changes to the property that could alter the drainage or storm water runoff may require an additional engineering inspection to ensure it is properly addressed.

Engaging in conversations regarding trees near the property line that may be affected by construction is helpful to avoid upsetting anyone if those trees require removal.

HOA rules have been addressed and taken into consideration during the design phase of the project. Much like your municipality, HOA’s can dictate style, height of the structure, exterior aesthetics, etc. Letting your neighbors that the design has been reviewed and approved by the HOA can show how thoroughly you have approached this project.

This extra layer of attention to your structure can also apply to homes within a historical district. There may be projects that require the village board’s approval and meeting attendance to do so. Informing your neighbors of this board approval can show the time and care you have put into this addition to your property.

There will always be the risk of the unknowns when construction begins. If property is unintentionally damaged during the process, it is important to put that neighbor in touch with your builder as soon as possible. From there, the builder can take whatever steps necessary to correct the issue.

At HGB, it is never our intention to create trouble with your neighbors. Informing them and thanking them for their patience and understanding prior to breaking ground is always in the best interest of a working relationship.

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