No matter what municipality you live in, a building permit – often associated with a zoning review – is required for your new detached garage. This process, while often portrayed as very onerous, is a very necessary step in your project and one that if handled correctly can provide numerous benefits to you and your property.

Why Permits Are Necessary

The International Code Council (ICC) is the governing body that develops building codes aimed at protecting homeowners both during the plan development and construction process, as well as after the various contractors have left your property having handed ‘over the keys’ to the newly completed structure. Their brochure on the “Benefits of Building Permits” clearly identifies the need for getting a building permit from your municipality:

“Your home or business is an investment. If your construction project does not comply with the codes adopted by your community, the value of your investment could be reduced. Property insurers may not cover work done without permits and inspections.
A property owner who can show that code requirements were strictly and consistently met – as demonstrated by a code official’s carefully maintained record – has a strong ally if something happens to trigger a potentially destructive lawsuit. Your permit also allows the code official to protect the public by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction and ensuring public health, safety, and welfare. By following code guidelines, the completed project will meet minimum standards of safety and will be less likely to cause injury to you, your family, your friends, or future owners.”

As such, it is extremely important to ensure that any contractor (be it a General Contractor or specific Garage Builder) provides you with proof that they have secured a building permit for the work they propose. The permit will show that the plans developed by the contractor for the garage comply with the specific codes and ordinances of your municipality, while their inspection staff will confirm that the work in the field reflects the previously approved plans and ensures that the building is constructed appropriately.

The Heartland Way

At Heartland Garage Builders, we pride ourselves on ensuring our plans and construction methods comply with all the zoning requirements and building codes implemented by your municipality. We feel the municipal employees not only help us to provide a superior garage for your property, but since they have your best interests at heart are a great ‘teammate’ in ensuring your large investment is spent in the correct manner!!

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