Are you tired of having unusable space in your current garage?

Are you needing additional storage, space for a hobby, or simply a place to hang out and looking for a custom design?

There are several ways to put your new space to use in both an efficient and enjoyable way. As you begin the design process try to be thinking “outside the box.” Garages today are extremely multipurposed. Are there other ways you would like to utilize the new space? If so, the design phase would be the time to share those ideas with the builder.

Your ideas may require additional professionals to complete the installation of your vision, however the space and additional features can be incorporated into the overall design. For example, additional ceiling height or electricity may need to be considered and can be added to the final plans.

5 Ideas To Consider When Designing Your New Garage

  1. Add a loft or second level with a walk-up staircase. This option leaves plenty of space for cars while creating additional space and storage safely above. The walk-up staircase allows for easy access to the second level. Additional electricity can be run to this area, allowing the option to use this space for much more than storage.
  2. Create a space for your hobbies. Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or need to work on your golf swing when not on the course, consider adding additional space specifically designed around your hobby. A garage does not have to be a rectangle or square box with a door. Additional square footage can be added to allow for the space needed for something like a golf simulator or auto lift. The first step is to design the space needed for the vision of the structure and let your builder take your vision and make it a reality. The installation of those custom items should be easier to accommodate than once the structure is completed.
  3. Create additional shed space. Again, think outside of the commonly designed square structure and consider creative ways to provide additional designs for items that take up space in the garage. Designing a structure with a shed attached allows you to keep those spaces separate, while keeping everything conveniently under one roof. An attached shed can help you avoid walking across the yard to return the lawnmower or having to maneuver into a tight space due to cars parked inside.
  4. Create a space to relax. We are all familiar with the concept of a “man’s cave” or a “she shed”; thinking along those lines, your new structure can include that desired space. Additional electricity should be considered if entertainment is going to be installed on the walls. Finishing the walls with insulation and drywall would be a wise investment if the space is intended for longer periods of leisure time. Bring in seating and create that desired additional space to hang out. Naturally, it would be encouraged to consider additional security devices to protect those belongings and electronics.
  5. Consider making the space more seasonally comfortable. For those planning on utilizing the space for more than parking cars, it is important to consider ways to keep the interior temperature comfortable year-round. For example, covered patios attached to the structure can add ceiling fans for those warm summer days. Additional windows provide natural sunlight and ventilation may be important for those using the structure for hobbies that deal in climate sensitive mediums such as art, woodworking, or automotive. Therefore, the addition of windows might be something to consider.

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