Concrete forms in place to build a garage foundation
A solid foundation is a crucial element of garage construction.

Just like your home, a solid foundation is the most crucial part of the construction process in the building of your detached garage.

Over time all garages will experience some degree of settling, therefore it is important to ensure that the design and construction of the foundation is given the proper attention to prevent future problems and to prolong the structural integrity of your new investment.

What Is The Process of Laying A Garage Foundation?

It is important to begin the construction process with a clean slate; therefore the first step is the removal of the current garage, creating a fresh site to begin work.

The next step is for the concrete foundation to be formed, inspected and the new concrete poured. This process creates the foundation and the interior slab of the garage, while the apron and stoop (outside the service door) will also be poured. Before going any further, it is crucial that the concrete cure for 2-3 weeks depending on weather and conditions.

In efforts to prevent future structural issues, it is necessary to allow the proper time for curing to ensure your building will last for decades.

Most of the garages torn down are due to concrete issues including settling, severe cracking, or spalling of concrete.

Signs Your Garage Foundation Is In Trouble

Like a home, all structures will settle, the question is how do you identify foundation issues that require attention and most likely professional correction?

Large crack in garage floor concrete
Large cracks in the concrete can be signs your garage foundation is in trouble.

• Does a crack in the garage floor continue up the wall?
• Is the gap between the floor and garage door getting larger and/or uneven?
• Are windows or doors difficult to open and /or close?
• Does the roof sag?
• Is there a visible, significant crack in the foundation?
• Are there puddles or wetness in unexpected places caused by water seepage?

If you find that your existing garage is experiencing issues like those listed above, it is important to contact professionals who can address foundation and water problems.

The Heartland Way

To avoid these issues, Heartland Garage Builders allows this necessary time and takes the needed steps to stabilize your garage from the ground up.

Once your concrete foundation has cured, it’s time to begin the exciting process of building your new detached garage!

Our goal is to construct your detached garage with integrity and attention to detail and with that comes a best in the industry 5-year warranty.

If you are looking to build a detached garage contact Heartland Garage Builders for a FREE consultation at 224-326-2698.