When designing your new detached garage, it is very common to design this new space to match the exterior of the home. Everything from the color of the siding, type of roof (hip or gable), to the lighting fixtures all can be matched on the newest addition to the property.  This can help increase the value of your home.

Why not build the garage of your dreams with all the accessories necessary to allow for use year-round and for various purposes?

In keeping with the design between the two structures, where windows will be installed and what style of window to select should all be taken into consideration. This addition helps tie the two structures together, therefore these decisions should be given proper attention.

There are several benefits to having windows installed as they provide natural light, curb appeal, and ventilation to your new structure.

Advantages Of Adding Windows

Natural Light – Garages are known for being dark and often dreary spaces, however, that does not have to be the case with your new structure. The addition of windows provides much needed natural light into the garage.

While most structures come complete with lights, windows allow daylight in minimizing the use of electricity. This can be a safety feature when the small amount of light through a window allows you to gain your bearings in a darker garage before the lights are engaged.

Curb Appeal – As an extension of the home, your new detached garage should complement your property, making it feel like a part of the home. Windows can match the design of the home, tying the two structures together.

When determining where to install them, think outside the box. The addition of dormer windows, skylights, or garage door windows are all options to consider. Whether frosted or clear, security and privacy are not sacrificed with the addition of windows.

Ventilation – Garages today have become quite the multipurpose space.

Chemicals, paint, and potentially hazardous products being stored in the garage increase the need for ventilation.

Whether the space is used to simply store items and cars, or if it is used for a hobby or woodworking location, having windows minimize the risk of over exposure to dangerous fumes. The addition of a fan would also help to circulate air throughout the garage.

For garages utilized year-round, the ability to open your windows and create a cross breeze while working in your new space is also very helpful.

When designing your ideal detached garage, consider all accessory items before it is too late. At Heartland Garage Builders, we include a window with every garage we build and encourage homeowners consider the purpose of their structure before finalizing their design decisions.

With an investment such as this, wise and educated decisions are best. For a FREE consultation and estimate, contact Heartland Garage Builders at HeartlandGarageBuilders.com or 224-326-2698.