The decision to build a new detached garage is one that should not be taken lightly. There are several factors that play a role in determining whether to build a new structure or remodel an existing on your property.

This process can include everything from the demolition of a current structure to the design and installation of a new structure built to your liking. While there are many steps to be taken throughout the build, there are decisions to be made outside of the garage itself.

When making the investment in a new detached garage, it is important to consider the entire property. Chances are very good that the older the structure is, the more worn down the driveway and apron may be.

Having both replaced while the garage is under construction is a wise and efficient use of your resources.

Does my driveway have to be replaced if I am building a new detached garage?

Not necessarily. For many homeowners, the new structure is rebuilt in the same place on your property as their current structure, therefore the driveway does not need to be moved, and it is to your discretion as to whether to update the driveway.

If the structure is being relocated, enlarged, or repositioned, a new driveway may be necessary because of the changes being made.

For those building alley garages, a new apron may be required per your municipality.

Do I need to subcontract the driveway out or will my builder arrange it?

This is a great question to ask the builders from which you are receiving quotes. Not every builder is comfortable or equipped to add this to the project and will insist that you find another company to complete this work.

At Heartland Garage Builders, we can install new driveways, and handle the permitting process to ensure that it is to code and properly poured, at an additional cost to the homeowner. A new driveway does not come standard with each garage built.

Will I need a permit to replace my driveway?

Yes, the builder who is responsible for replacing the driveway should be up to date on current municipality guidelines and codes and should be aware of the permits necessary to complete the project.

With that, an additional inspection will be scheduled prior to the pour of the driveway, ensuring that it has been properly prepared and meets guidelines.

Will I need to have all additional walkways or sidewalks approved?

Most likely, yes. The addition of walkways and patio extensions will also need to be approved by your local municipality prior to pouring the concrete. Again, this is to ensure that the space has been constructed safely and to code.

The Heartland Way

While the addition or replacement of a new driveway is not included in the initial quote for a Heartland garage, we will gladly add that to the estimate upon request.

It is our goal, at HGB to provide a turn-key experience for homeowners, and this is one of the many ways we can help make that new detached project happen.

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