The construction of a newly designed detached garage can be an exciting process. Where there may not have ever been a structure, or one that was unable to meet your needs; you are able to watch the process from the ground up.

As you experience construction milestones, the builder may inform you that an inspection will be take place, administered by your municipality, according to your specific zoning requirements.

It is crucial that your builder abide by your local codes and expectations and is committed to building safety, beginning with providing the county all construction plans at the time the permit application is submitted with the county/township.

Much like building a new home, the addition of a detached garage to your property comes with guidelines that are required to be inspected throughout the process. While they may seem tedious at the time, these procedures have been put into place to ensure the safety and integrity of your structure for years to come.

The inspector will provide your builder a “pass or fail” based on their inspection of the current state of the structure as compared to building codes and requirements in your area.  The inspector will provide direction for any corrections noted during their visit before a reinspection can be scheduled. While a “failed” report might be disconcerting, it happens often and is typically a minor setback.

It is important to keep in mind that every municipality is different and therefore it is necessary that your builder be educated on the necessary inspections and the expectations for each.

Considered an accessory structure, carpentry and electrical inspections are most common to expect. Also often required, is the approval of the firewall (if connected to another structure), attic access, driveway/apron, grading, and concrete slab construction.

Zoning Variances

Proposing a project that does not meet the dimensional standards, such as setbacks or impervious surface concerns, needs to have changes to the plans and basic set up of the structure as it specifically relates to your property. Variances can be granted when the builder/owner can prove that the zoning regulations present a practical difficulty in making use of the property.

Having a builder well versed in zoning guidelines becomes very helpful when determining whether or not the project will require this additional step and fee is helpful.

Pre-pour Inspection

A pre-pour inspection is requested when the garage foundation has been prepared and is ready for concrete. The foundation is a crucial step in the construction of the garage; therefore, it must be completed safely and to code to protect the integrity of the structure.

Prior to pouring the driveway and apron, an inspection may be required as well, separate from the foundation slab.

Building Inspections

As the structure begins to take shape, “rough” inspections will be required before the completion of the project. As the framing is nearing completion, an inspector will ensure that the structure both matches the approved plans, as well as meets building guidelines set by the municipality.

A “rough” electrical inspection is also required before the final inspection. This ensures that the project meets current codes and is ready for completion.

As soon as the garage passes each of the “rough” inspections, the project is another big step closer to scheduling the final building inspection, the last step before the owner can begin utilizing their new detached garage.

Site Development Inspections

Site development inspections are required when projects involve grading and/or filling activities. For example, if the structure is going to alter the drainage or storm water runoff, it may require an engineering inspection to ensure it is properly addressed.

Impervious surfaces, site capacity, and natural resource protection, as well as height and setback standards will all be addressed at this time.

The Heartland Way

The staff at Heartland Garage Builders has the ability to maneuver complicated projects through various challenging village processes. With decades of experience at Zoning Boards of Appeal, Village Boards/Councils, and Historic/Preservation Commissions, getting the garage project you want has never been in better hands!

HGB’s staff will schedule and appear for all municipal inspections at your property as well as applying for all necessary permits for your new detached garage.

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