Making the decision to build a new detached garage on your property is one that should not be taken lightly. With such an investment being made, it is crucial you understand the process: designing and building a structure that will meet your needs and last for decades.

At HGB, every structure is designed uniquely to you; there are no cookie-cutter examples to select from, nor any limiting lists of materials you must use. Therefore, there may be more decisions to make prior to the start of construction to ensure that the outcome is what you had envisioned.

Providing a turn-key experience for the customer is the goal at HGB. From arranging demolition to scheduling and sitting for the final inspections, we are determined to make the process as smooth as possible.

The construction process can be very overwhelming; therefore, it is important to understand how the building will break down and the various steps that will be taken throughout the project.

The Timeline Of Construction

  1. Decisions and Contracts: The first step will be to sit down with a member of the HGB team to discuss everything from the color and style of siding you would like installed, to the window placement and light fixtures. If the goal is to have the garage match the exterior aesthetics of your home, it would be very helpful to have that information handy. For example, if the home recently had a new roof installed, having the name and color of that shingle would help our team to match the roof to the home.
  2. Applying for Permits: Once everything has been signed and agreed upon, the permit process can begin. Be leery of contractors who claim that permits are unnecessary! While they can be costly upfront, fees for working without them can add up quickly. Each project will require the coordination of a surveyor, an architect if necessary, and engineering plans to indicate how the new structure will impact the drainage on the property and those surrounding it. Once those plans have been reviewed and stamped, they will be submitted to the municipality for review.Each municipality is different, therefore, fees, turnaround time for a response, and specifically required permits, will be different village to village. This process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks from submission, assuming no reviews or changes are required. This entire process will be handled by the team at HGB on your behalf.
  3. Clear it Out: For those tearing down and starting over, this next part will require some effort on your part. Clearing out the structure to demolish it is necessary. Nothing can be left behind and all electricity needs to be turned off to the structure.
  4. Demolition Time: For those with an existing garage, this process can be the most exciting! The team will arrange for a company to remove both the structure and foundation quickly and efficiently. The debris will be removed, allowing a clean site for the concrete crew to begin prepping on for the new foundation to be poured.
  5. Foundation Time: The completion of the new foundation is a three-step process. First, the ground will be prepped to form the garage slab. Next, an inspection will take place to ensure that the proper steps have been taken to pour safely. Once approved, the crew will pour the concrete. The slab of the garage will be poured first, along with the apron and service door stoop. Before the framing can begin, the concrete will need to cure for 2-4 weeks. This curing process is vital to having a garage without foundation issues down the road. Weather can change this timeline for pouring/curing.
  6. Time to Frame: Once the concrete is cured, materials and lumber will begin to arrive. During the framing process an inspection will be scheduled to ensure municipality building guidelines are being met and any corrections needing to be made are addressed before the next phase can begin. Shingles, windows, doors, siding, and exterior trim will follow.
  7. Electricity: The electrician will be scheduled to run the necessary electricity to the structure. This process will require a trench to be dug from the home to the structure. Both the trench and electrical work will need a “rough” inspection prior to completion. Once the structure begins to near its completion, the epoxy will be scheduled as well as the final inspections!

From start to finish, your HGB team will be on the job, eager for you to move into your new garage! For a FREE consultation and estimate, contact Heartland Garage Builders at or 224-326-2698.