When considering the siding of your new detached garage, it is quite common to match the siding to that of your home. With so many options on the market today, cedar siding is an attractive choice and extremely customizable, allowing for both a modern and yet rustic appearance.

Made from cedar trees and used as siding since the early 1800s, this material provides the structure a unique look. Extremely durable, cedar makes for a great option for your detached garage.

Benefits To Cedar Siding

Cedar is a low-density softwood, unlike most siding materials on the market today. As a result of its density, less heat is transported through the wood, assisting in insulating the structure from both heat and cool air escaping the garage.

Due to it being naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, cedar siding does not require a great deal of maintenance once treated. Unlike woods such as pine or fir, cedar resists cracking, swelling and moisture issues.

With a variety of siding styles, you can easily customize the look of your garage. Both cedar shingles and shakes are options that can complement the siding nicely.

With the installation being relatively simple, the cost for cedar siding is competitive with fiber cement, yet more expensive than a vinyl option.

Cedar Maintenance

To avoid rotting, mold, and insects, cedar siding does require regular maintenance.

This biodegradable and sustainable wood can be treated, painted, or stained. Much like vinyl siding, colored cedar will fade over time. Preserving these colors and textures will require re-painting and staining on a semi-annual basis.

Left untreated, the wood maintains its natural texture and grainy appearance.

To maintain a fresh and clean look, the siding should be power washed annually. This cleaning extends the life of the cedar and should be done on the lowest setting to prevent chipping the wood.

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