If you’re in need of a new garage, a detached garage offers many advantages and may be the ideal solution for your property.

A detached garage built by Heartland Garage Builders may be perfect for your property.

At Heartland Garage Builders, we’re a family-owned and operated company with more than 50 years in the construction industry. 

Why might a detached garage be perfect for you?

Detached Garages Are Aesthetically Pleasing

More than 80 percent of all American homes have garages, and the majority of those tend to be attached. However, that’s lead to homes with garage-dominated facades. Known as “garage forward” modern houses can seem overwhelmed by their garages. 

The charm of many homes gets lost as a wall of garage doors is the primary visual seen from the curb. 

A detached garage can be built behind a house, at an angle or set back. Detached garages allow the homes themselves to be the property’s centerpiece, not the garage.

Detached Garages Offer More Flexibility

Lot sizes aren’t standardized, which means fitting a garage on some properties can be tricky. A detached garage allows you to better use space.

Detached garages can fit on long and narrow lots better than attached garages. In older neighborhoods, a garage can face a backyard alley instead of the main street. 

Local zoning or set-back laws could make it difficult to build an attached garage, and, in some places, permits to add on to an existing structure can be nearly impossible to obtain. Adding a new structure in the form of a detached garage can be an easier, more economical choice.

Detached Garages Protect Your House

1 car detached garage
Detached garages are perfect spots for workshops.

Because they’re set apart from the house, detached garages put distance between your main living area and any dangerous chemicals or fumes in your garage such as paint or exhaust. 

Many use their garage as a workshop space. Having a detached garage means noise, dust and potential fire hazards are kept separate from the home.

From a safety standpoint, a garage is often a common entry point for burglars trying to access a home. A detached garage eliminates any access point potential burglars would have to the house.

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