Why Do You Only Build Detached Garages?

As custom garage builders, we receive this question quite often, for understandable reasons.

Garages serve a multitude of purposes today and while there are several options on the market, it is important to understand what type of structure will best meet your needs.

First, it is necessary to understand the difference between an attached garage and a detached garage.

An attached garage is one that has a door that connects the structure to the home.

A detached garage is a stand-alone structure located remotely on the property.

While the difference between the two does not seem extreme, the construction process proves otherwise. Based on your property, you may not have the opportunity to choose as there may be factors out of your control.

There are companies and general contractors that will offer to build both types of structures.  Heartland Garage Builders has chosen to focus our efforts on customized detached structures alone in efforts to bring our customers our best product and workmanship.

Why One Type And Not The Other?

The permitting process is different for the two structures as one is sharing a wall with the home itself. Detached structures require more space on your property or may need to be relocated all together, therefore it is important to be familiar with zoning guidelines as well as up to code with municipality regulations.

Why Choose A Detached Garage?

There are many advantages to having a detached structure added to your property.

  • More space allows for more design possibilities, storage, as well as the option to expand in the future.
  • Car fumes and chemicals are further away from the home providing a safer environment for the family.
  • Further distance from the home allows a buffer for noise in the event that the structure is used for entertaining, hobbies, or as a commercial space.
  • Do not have to consider how the new electricity must attach to the current system at the house. While plumbing, heating/cooling systems, and electricity are all options, they will need to be up to code and meet all current guidelines.

Heartland Garage Builders understands that understands that undertaking a detached garage construction project is an expensive and complicated process. Based on our years of experience designing, permitting, and building in the residential marketplace, our goal is to provide a full turn-key service providing a complete garage, not just four walls and a roof.

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