What To Look For In An Overhead Garage Door

There is no denying that the first characteristic noticed on a garage is the door, therefore some consideration should be taken into the selection of the final purchase.

With garages taking on more of a multipurpose structure, your new door should both have curb appeal and durability.

A benefit to building a new detached garage is the opportunity to replace an older, outdated one with a more customized structure that meets all your needs while complimenting the home regardless of its place on your property.


With so many options on the market today, it is important to consider the convenience in opening your door. Fortunately, most garage door manufactures produce doors that roll up and down without sacrificing their design.

For example, carriage-house doors no longer only open down the middle of the door, without losing the charm, they are now installed to traditionally roll up.

Garage door openers today have also made great advancements in convenience. Web-enabled options make having access to your garage, while near or far, that much easier.


A detached structure may not require as much insulation as an attached would, therefore it is not necessary, however most manufacturers provide it on all doors today. As garages are no longer simply a place to park your car, therefore if you plan to spend a good amount of time in the garage during the winter months, you might appreciate it.

If you have chosen to finish and insulate the walls of the structure itself, it would be wise to ensure that the door is as well.


Garage doors are exposed the elements all year long. It is important choose a material that is durable and can withstand the changing weather and wind without rotting or cracking.

When selecting the door be mindful of the upkeep of repainting or refinishing that may be required periodically. Steel or composite options require minimal maintenance and are extremely durable.

Style And Customization

While detached garages do not always face your home, selecting a door that matches the exterior of the structure is best overall curb appeal. Consider matching as best you can with similar characteristics and style.

Garage doors range from a basic standard door to a unique and custom product allowing for creativity while still protecting the interior of your garage from the elements.

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