Man using a smartphone to access his web-enabled garage door opener

We’ve all been there – you’re on vacation or at the office and a friend needs to borrow your lawn mower or drop off a package. How can they access your garage? Do you hide a key? Leave them the code to your garage door? With a web-enabled garage door opener, you’re able to open the door for them no matter where you are.

At Heartland Garage Builders, every garage we build comes complete with a web-enabled garage door opener, which allows you to remotely control access to your garage from your smartphone. 

Manage Your Garage Door From Your Smartphone

You’ll be able to share access to your garage from anywhere in the world. Regardless of where you are, you can have peace of mind in knowing you can open or close your garage as you need to.

With your web-enabled garage door opener – also known as a smart garage door opener – you’re able to control and monitor your garage door from any device with an internet connection (or WiFi).

A web-enabled garage door opener can provide you with peace of mind. No longer do you have to worry about a hidden key being discovered or stolen. 

Likewise, if you give a garage door code to a friend, family member or private contractor, they have that code and can open the door at any time (until you manually change the code). 

With a web-enabled garage door opener, you can permit access to your garage a single time and know that the access control for your garage is completely in your hands.

Password Protection Keeps Your Garage and Belongings Safe

Because web-enabled garage door openers are password-protected and use encryption, you’re able to keep your family, garage and belongings safe.

With a web-enabled garage door opener, you’re able to monitor activity in your garage.

If one of the frequent Illinois summer storms knocks out power to your garage, you’ll know that when you arrive home and be able to manually operate the door.

The smart garage door openers also allow you to know when your garage door has been opened or closed and at what time. A perfect tool for parents monitoring if their teenage driver made it home before curfew. 

All Heartland Garages Include Web-Enabled Garage Door Openers

At Heartland Garage Builders, we make sure our customers are treated to “The Heartland Way.” We’re focused on providing a full turn-key service, so customers get a complete garage built, not just four walls and a roof.

It’s “The Heartland Way” to ensure all of the little details – like including a web-enabled garage door opener – are included with every garage we build.

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