As seasons change it is important to prepare your new detached garage for changing temperatures and weather elements. Winterizing your structure helps to prevent future issues when it is too cold outside to make necessary repairs.

Clean Gutters

Having gutters and downspouts installed on your garage prolongs the integrity of the structure. Gutters help to prevent melted snow and rain from causing foundation issues by redirecting them away from the structure.

Just as you should clean the gutters on your home as seasons change, regular maintenance on your garage prevents their malfunction.

Preventing foundation issues is key. Standing, or freezing water can cause the foundation to crack over time. Once cracked, water will find ways into the structure.

Downsize And Reorganize

A good spring/fall cleanout applies to both homes and garages. With cooler temperatures and the increased chances of snow entering the garage, it is wise to elevate boxes or stored items to prevent moisture from ruining your personal belongings.

Having accessories, such as winter tools and sleds more accessible will be appreciated when standing in the cold garage on those chilly days. This is also a great opportunity to address items no longer of use or that no longer work.

Meanwhile, reorganize summer toys, tools, and activities while assessing what you may need to replenish the following season.


With garages being more multipurpose these days, heating, cooling, and plumbing have become more popular additions. Taking steps to properly winterize these investments will prevent future issues.

Have the air conditioning unit turned off properly and prepared to be turned back on in the spring while ensuring that the heating system is ready to be utilized safely. If necessary, consider assessing the need to winterize pipes if they are not going to be used throughout the winter months.

Assess The Foundation

The foundation of the structure is crucial to the lifetime of the garage. If left unattended to, cracks in the ground will only worsen.

As the weather gets colder, those will be more difficult to correct, therefore having them assessed by a professional is suggested. Not all cracks require a repair, however, best to treat them now rather than allow them to worsen.

As the ground experiences the freezing-thawing cycle, those hairline cracks will expand providing more opportunities for water to enter and for the structure to weaken.

Check All Electrical Options

The last thing any homeowner wants is to be dealing with a broken garage door in the middle of a snowy winter.

Consider checking and changing lightbulbs before the season changes and sunlight lessens.

Structures with electrical lines overhead may also want to ensure their durability, ensuring that they are a safe distance from the roof as winter storms can weight them down, harming the roof.

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