As the excitement of the completion of your new detached garage nears, final inspections will begin to be scheduled accordingly. These inspections can include the structure itself, electric, and engineering.

Some villages may require further steps be taken, such as providing an updated as-built survey. This survey illustrates how the completion of the project compared to the initial plans in the event that anything was modified throughout the process.

Each inspector is going to ensure that the approved plans were followed to completion in compliance with their zoning codes. A prior “rough” inspection will have been scheduled for both structural and electrical, however, the engineering inspection will take place when the project is completed.

This inspection will address the grading of the landscape now that the project is finished. Grading is soil’s relation to the structure. The grading of the soil allows rainwater to channel away from the structure, moving the soil to the elevation necessary to promote efficient drainage.

This process may also include laying blanket and seed to the surrounding area to promote grass growth to further assist in saturation.

Attention to the grading of your yard should be addressed when you are building an addition to your home, building a new concrete patio, installing a new driveway, changing the landscape of the yard, or adding a structure to the property.

These are changes that often affect the impervious surfaces of the property, areas that cannot be penetrated by water.

Looking Out For The Neighbor’s Yard

While there may not have been drainage concerns prior to the project, whether you are building a new structure, or modifying a current one, as the landscape changes, modifications must be taken into consideration.

The reality is that any change to the grounds of your property can affect the property surrounding yours. Stormwater runoff is an issue most every municipality requires permits and inspections to be completed in order to ensure that it is being displaced properly.

When rainwater does not have a path or source to safely drain, it results in pools of standing water surrounding the structure or oversaturating the yard around it. As water pools and saturates the soil, the result is often that it penetrates the foundation, creating issues within the concrete.

The Heartland Way

Heartland Garage Builders understands that while a garage is a large investment, so is your lawn and landscaping. That is why we take extra care of the surrounding area around the base of the slab and any trenches due to electrical lines, especially during the demolition process.

The area around the garage will have a rough graded finish, the soil will be graded to the necessary elevation. Every municipality has different requirements, therefore, any additional permit required grading work will be the owner’s responsibility as well as any permit bond associated with the work.

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