Outdoor Winter Parking Is Tough On Cars

Row of cars covered in snow parked outside during the winter

January in Chicago can be brutal. It’s the city’s coldest and snowiest month of the year, and if your car is sitting outside it’s exposed to the harsh elements. Heartland Garage Builders are Chicagoland’s premier detached garage building experts. A new garage from them will ensure this is the last January your car has to sit outside.

Chicago Winters Cause Car Woes

Parking your car outside in winter comes with a host of risks, problems, and inconveniences:

Theft: Car theft is often a crime of opportunity, and for many thieves, a car parked outside is the perfect target. Officials in some North Shore suburbs recently said they’ve seen car theft increase by as much as 130% in 2020 over 2019 rates. Just moving a car inside a garage can reduce the risk of it being stolen.

Scraping and Clearing: Snow and ice storms passing through the midwest may create winter wonderlands, but it’s not so wonderful if you’ve got to clear your car. Scraping ice from windshields or removing snow from your car roof is a time-consuming, physical task often undertaken in freezing cold temperatures. With a garage roof over your car, you no longer need to worry about clearing snow and ice.

Falling Branches: As ice accumulates on tree branches, the extra weight can cause limbs to snap and fall. If your car is parked underneath a tree, it may suffer damage, dents, or broken windows. A garage can protect your vehicle from falling tree limbs.

Salt and Rust: Road salt and cars is a corrosive combination. When metal parts of a car are exposed to slush, snow, and ice containing road salt that salt mixed with oxygen causes iron oxide to form, which speeds up the rusting process. Regular winter car washes are the best way to prevent salt from eating away at a car’s finish or metalwork. However washing your car and then parking it outside can lead to freezing and more damage. Parking your car inside after washing gives you space to dry and protect your vehicle.

Car Troubles: While modern vehicles can withstand a lot, cold weather still leads to problems. Cold weather can drain batteries, cause tire pressure to drop, and thicken fluids such as power steering, brake fluid, and gasoline. In winter months, you may find your reliable car no longer reliable. A garage protects your vehicle from the worst of the winter cold.

Heartland Garage Builders will build your dream detached garage

At Heartland Garage Builders, we’re experts at designing and constructing one-, two- or three-car detached garages (view our gallery), and “The Heartland Way” means we take care of the details and work with you every step of the way.

Don’t let the winter weather harm your car. Protect it with a new garage from Heartland Garage Builders. Contact us today to get started building your dream detached garage.

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