When designing the exterior of the garage, choosing siding should not be a decision made in haste.

Whether you are looking to match the exterior of your home, or are looking for a specific design, there are many options on the market today that offer both. Providing the garage with a natural, low-maintenance, cedar look, LP Smart Trim siding is a durable option to consider. Whereas aluminum today is more commonly used to trim the siding, rather than the main exterior finish of the structure.

Due to the rise in material costs in the 1970’s, builders began researching other forms of effective siding options such as vinyl, fiber-cement, and stucco. As a result, aluminum lost popularity to more efficient and durable options.

Aluminum Siding

Metal siding is the cheapest option on the market today and often made of recycled materials. Due to its easy installation, expense is saved on labor costs as well.

Although it is easily bent to the desired size and shape, with so many options available today, aluminum may not be the most efficient option to choose. Even though it does not rust or swell in humid climates, and is insect-proof, this soft metal is highly susceptible to impact, scratching, and dents.

Smaller dents can be corrected easily, however, they still require a professional to complete them. Larger replacements can prove to be more difficult as color fades and matching becomes an issue.

While it requires little maintenance, repairing boards that have been dented or damaged can prove to be more difficult. Unlike various siding options, the color on aluminum siding is prone to fade more quickly. Although it is coated in a weatherproof enamel, the effectiveness of the paint wears over time.

Utilizing this metal for the soffits, gables, and trim provides a durability to the structure, complementing the siding chosen. Used in this capacity, exposure to hailstones, impact, and sun fading are minimized.

Aesthetically, while great improvements have been made to provide a natural grain stamped look to the siding, aluminum still looks like industrial metal.

LP Smart Trim Siding

As with any siding product, nothing is 100% dentproof, however, LP Smart Trim siding offers a more sturdy and reliable option than aluminum, creating a rustic and natural final look.

This material resists well the regular impacts that can occur against the siding of the structure, such as the soccer ball as it is kicked back and forth in the yard and stands up to hail quite well.

With six different options to choose from, there is more variety than most other engineered exterior products. After selecting your siding choice, you have dozens of color options to select from making matching your home easier.

Installation of this material creates less dust because of the combination of wood, wax, and resin. It also cuts more easily than fiber-cement, allowing the builders to use a standard saw blade. Being lightweight and installed using a series of locking clips, this smart siding can go up rather quickly and securely.

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