How To Select A Garage Attic Ladder

One of the many benefits to a new detached garage is the possibility for much-needed additional storage – a retractable ladder can give access to attic space. Custom built and designed, your new garage can be constructed to meet your exact needs and desires from necessary workshop space to room for hobbies and additional automobiles to be stored safely.

Much like a home, your new structure can provide accessible storage in the attic, allowing you to open the space on the garage floor and along the walls. A retractable ladder provides access to the attic simply and quickly to make this storage easy to get to without the hassle of dealing with step ladders every time.

Before deciding if a folding or telescope ladder to your attic is the best option for your garage, it is important to take into consideration the design of your structure. Where the steps will retract is important to ensure it is a useful addition to your project, and not just an added cost.  

Ladder Location

Determining, with your builder assistance, the best location for the retractable ladder will consider different factors.  It is necessary to have floor room to ensure the end of the ladder fits in a safe space where there is enough accommodation to maneuver when fully extended.

As the attic will be utilized for storage, it is necessary that the ladder have enough capacity to allow items to be carried up and down safely. Considering where the ladder will end up in the attic, the available headspace is important to weigh when deciding on a location.

Once you have chosen the appropriate location, either a fold-out or a telescopic retractable ladder are options based on your personal preference.

Size And Weight

There are many retractable ladders on the market. While compact options may leave space for more room when extended, they may not be as easy to maneuver when loading your storage items up and down the stairs.

Wood is a common material used to make folding ladders. While durable, the wood can make them very heavy, where as most telescopic ladders are made from aluminum, a lighter material. Regardless, the more weight the ladder can bear, the sturdier the ladder will be.

Additional Considerations

Unlike attic ladders found in the home, your garage is outdoors, exposing the ladder to the seasons and changes in humidity. Wooden options are more prone to wear and tear from the weather, whereas aluminum ladders are rust-resistant, making them ideal for garage conditions.

Handrails are another option, allowing for sturdier trips up and down while carrying items.  With ladder stairs being steeper than your typical staircase, this may be an option to consider.

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