Every detail matters when finalizing the exterior of you detached garage. While the soffit and fascia decisions may not seem important these components tie into the integrity of the overall structure.

Protecting your investment from water and the elements is one step towards preserving the life of the structure. While these aspects of the garage have little to do with the overall curb appeal, you will be thankful for the protection they will provide to the structure. Both play a crucial role in taking preventable measures towards protection your garage from unwanted water.

It is important to weigh all options when determining which product to select, aluminum, wood, or composite. Often maintenance free, these attributes go unnoticed until there is cause to replace them.

What Is Soffit?

Visible from underneath the overhang of the roof, this exposed covering protects your garage from the elements. Without it, the wooden beams used to construct the garage, and the rafters in the attic, will be exposed to rain and moisture.

As a result, you risk exposing the structure to mold and rotting the wood.

Additionally, birds and animals would have easier access to the interior of the structure without these finished surfaces.

What Is Fascia?

Directly above the soffit and more visible, is the fascia, or the attractive siding placed directly above the soffit. This panel is what the gutters and downspouts are attached to along the eave of the roof that help make the final product look clean and attractive for curb appeal.

The fascia remains exposed along the rake of the roof, the angle up to the peak of the roof, and can add curb appeal to your new structure.

What Are The Different Options?


Often the more expensive of the options, wood soffits and fascia bring an attractive finished look to the structure.

Due to its increased chances of rotting, because of its exposure to the elements, this option can prove to be more high maintenance than others. To avoid rotting or peeling of paint, the soffits and facia require regular paint touch ups and potential replacement, depending on the condition of the wood.


Available in a wide variety of colors, matching the siding well, this low maintenance option requires little attention. Regular cleaning with a hose keeps the soffit and fascia looking clean and fresh without the need to repaint or refinish them.

Without the risk of rotting, aluminum proves to prevent water damage as well.


A mixture of wood fiber and plastics make up composite soffits and fascia. Providing the strength is the wood portion, whereas the plastic provides the product protection from moisture.

Due to the addition of the wood, these parts can appear to be wood like in nature, however, are not 100% wood, therefore, you do not risk the issue of rotting.

Minimal maintenance is required as this wood like material does not require regular repainting or staining. Just a regular cleaning with a hose will help keep them clean and attractive.

When determining which option would be complete your project, remember that the integrity of your structure is crucial, therefore taking those additional steps towards preventing future damage is important.

The Heartland Way

Every garage built with Heartland Garage Builders comes complete with these features, as we find them extremely necessary to the long-term life of your structure.

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