We often hear “What if I want to build a (fill in the blank) in my garage?” Those ideas can be anything from additional second floor storage to a dedicated workout or hobby space.

Garages are becoming a more multi-purpose space, allowing homeowners to expand their visions and the useable space outside the walls of the home. No longer are these structures strictly housing cars and lawn equipment!

When starting from scratch with a new detached structure, all possibilities should be explored. It is through the permit process that the contractor can determine what, if any, limitations the project may experience.

Villages are all unique and have their own set of zoning guidelines that must be followed. Common zoning requirements include the distance between the home structure and accessory structure as it relates to the size of the property. These guidelines will dictate how close to the property line you can build, if a firewall will be required, and/or the maximum height of the garage.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I add a new driveway?

Very often, when tearing down and starting over, a new driveway is part of the overall vision. Once approved for permit, arrangements will be made for the installation of that driveway with a subcontracted company. (Yes, a permit is necessary to ensure all zoning regulations have been followed).

Can I add an EV outlet?

Yes! Electric vehicles are quickly becoming a commonly added line item when building a new garage. All HGB structures come complete with “drywall ready” standard electrical work. The addition of the EV outlet would be arranged with the electrician prior to installation.

Can I have an overhead garage door that opens to my yard and another to the driveway or alley?

Each structure comes complete with a service door and overhead garage door. Known as a “party door”; this option is popular when building alley garages. The “party door” provides access to the garage without having it exposed to the street/alley unnecessarily.

Can I add additional storage space?

Depending on the village’s size limitations, yes. Some structures have that space installed as expanded attic space with a drop-down ladder, while others create a second floor with walk-up stairs, or even additional shed space built into the structure.

Can I use this space for activities and not to store cars?

How you utilize the space is up to you! While we do not install drywall, unless a required fire-rated wall, the structure, when complete will be “drywall ready.” If spending longer periods of time throughout the various Midwest seasons in the garage, drywall may be something to consider once completed. It is encouraged, however, that additional ventilation be considered during the design process to ensure safety if the structure will be utilized for hobbies such as woodworking, automotive, or painting.

If you are interested in building a customized detached garage and have questions, please contact Heartland Garage Builders at 224-326-2698 or HeartlandGarageBuilders.com for more information! We are happy to answer any questions and to assist you in designing your ideal garage.